The only limit is that of creativity and imagination


Are you looking for a design inspired by nature?
Gradient? Geometrics motifs?

Download for free these three sets of original designs created by our Design Department inspired by different visual elements. If you like any of them, we can carry them through. And the best thing is, if you want anything else, we can do it too!!
Designs inspired by nature
An approach that takes inspiration from forms, patterns, and natural elements such as leaves, flowers, and animals, or the use of colors and textures that mimic nature, such as green and brown tones or soft textures. This type of design can be used in a variety of textile products, such as clothing, accessories, and home decor.

A creative and sustainable way to incorporate elements of nature into the textile industry and create attractive and unique designs.

Geometric inspiration
Geometric shapes are figures and patterns based on lines and angles: circles, squares, triangles, and hexagons. These shapes can be used in many ways in textile graphic design, such as creating complex and abstract patterns or using a single shape prominently in the design.

Textile graphic design inspired by geometric shapes is a modern and attractive way to add interest and design to textile products. In addition, by using geometric shapes instead of more complex images or patterns, more easily recognizable and memorable designs can be created.

Designs inspired by gradients and textures
A series of design proposals based on the changes in color and textures of the sky and other natural elements. A design style that explores, through subtle color changes and the possibilities of sharpness and quality of our fabrics, to add an extra element to the design.

A modern and avant-garde approach that offers, through the abstraction and perception of colors, an added touch of warmth, modernity, and fun to your textile project.


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